About eight years ago, I attended parent’s weekend at Boston University where my eldest daughter Maida was then a freshman. We ran in the Alumni 5K, which winded in a loop on the esplanade of the Charles River. The “gun” went off, and we all ambled at various paces along the sailboat-speckled river. One could soon hear the huffing and puffing of those who had gone out too quickly. At the half way point (1.5 miles), there was a college kid throwing up, and another runner in front of me wore a T-shirt that said:

If you want to succeed in Life, you have to get out of your Comfort Zone

That quote got us through the tail end of the race, and with very red faces and labored breath, we felt good about ourselves.

Getting out of the Comfort Zone is clearly something that every Landmark parent and child knows all too intimately. Chances are good that at some point along the journey, it was hard to even find the comfort zone. Being in a learning environment that does not fit the learner is not only uncomfortable, but it is frustrating, and can feel like torture for some. As a parent, the torture is in losing control and feeling helpless. As a child the torture is more complex. Self-esteem, friendships, and the desire to learn can become tangled, and the comfort zones might feel like elusive moving targets.

At Landmark, there is an opportunity to untangle the threads and find the ways to learn that work for each child. Though it takes time, Landmark eventually becomes the Comfort Zone. Parents can sleep at night knowing their children are finally getting the teaching they need, and the students themselves feel better in their own skin. Everyone deserves to learn how to learn.

As we all move through the autumn season, acclimating to the new academic year, I know that Landmark’s students are finding success, perhaps hitting an occasional wall, digging in and saying, “I really CAN do this,” challenging themselves, and constantly reaching for the next highest comfort zone. Ultimately, their confidence and imaginations take over, and their futures become limitless.

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Submitted by Maida Broudo, Landmark School parent and Clinical Liaison, Radiation Oncology MGH, Instructor Harvard Medical School



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  • Maida: thank you for your “on point” comments- isn’t it wonderful when these kids say…”YES, I CAN” !
    Nick Lopardo

  • I loved your perception on Landmark students finding their comfort zone, not only with academics but friends and self esteem. We all have our reasons for making the jump to Landmark. For some the jump is easy for others the obstacles might seem over bearing. We feel lucky to be able to experience our child hanging out, relaxed in their “own favorite jeans”. The result is we can relax and help our daughter find options for her future. Options….an amazing word.

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