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Special thank you to former student Wesley Lickus for the gorgeous lighthouse photo.


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  • As a parent of a former Landmark student I look forward to using this blog to continue learning about the ways dyslexic students truly thrive in the classroom. Whenever I meet a parent of a struggling learner I make sure to direct them to Landmark as well as this new site. What Landmark School did for my son is truly amazing and he is successful in his present school thanks to his hard work and due to the wonderful teachers and staff Landmarkl who helped give him the tools and confidence he needed to be a successful student.

    Stephanie Miskell

  • I am one of the original Landmark students from the early 1970’s. Much has changed or so it seems at Landmark and much I suspect is the same.

    I could tell tails of the early years at Landmark, the fact that out of 100 students there was a total of 2 girls, or the sometimes “creative” living arrangements we had on campus a campus considerably smaller than the one enjoyed today it seems. Landmark gave me many gifts but one in particular stands out.

    Landmark gave me the gift of being able to read, at least to the point that I could function and get on with life. Prior to Landmark I did not read at all. Like many dyslexics I was very good at faking reading however. The gift of reading is the one thing that Landmark gave to me in those years that has stayed with me. It has couloured what I have done in life and what I will do in the future. While I still do not read for pleasure and only do so when required at least I can do it, it is indeed a gift.

    I live in a nation where there are no schools like Landmark and few if any attempts to educate profoundly dyslexic children. Every day I deal with the results of that in my work. I am forever grateful for Landmark’s gift to me all those years ago.

    Gregory Kearney
    Manager – Accessible Media
    Association for the Blind of Western Australia
    61 Kitchener Avenue, PO Box 101
    Victoria Park 6979, WA Australia

    Telephone: +61 (08) 9311 8246
    Telephone: +1 (307) 224 4022 (North America)
    Fax: +61 (08) 9361 8696
    Toll free: 1800 658 388 (Australia only)
    Email: gkearney@gmail.com

  • Hi there,
    I am in Byron Bay, Australia. My son, 6 yrs old, has reading, language, word retrieval and writing difficulties. We have seen a psychologist to do an IQ test. This has highlighted his strengths and weaknesses. Among other things.
    It is too early to diagnose dyslexia, from what i am told. His school is amazingly supportive and is providing lots of private tuition under a specific learning support program. We are very lucky.
    I guess why I am writing is to find out if you are affiliated with a similar research institute in Australia? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
    Cheers, Claudia

  • That’s my daughter with the striped shirt in the STEM photo, working on LMK’s InvenTeam reseeding eel grass project. They are getting their hands dirty mixing material to make a biodegradable disc which will deliver baby eel grass to the ocean floor. Repopulating eel grass meadows is important in carbon sequestration, marine nursery habitat, beach erosion, and pollution mitigation. The team has secured a pro bono Patent Lawyer (not covered by their $10k Lemelson-MIT grant).

    LMK’s remediation and support for her language-based learning disability, in conjunction with her very hard work and that of her educational team, has prepared my daughter to go to college. LMK’s additional STEM opportunities such as InvenTeam and Math Team have positioned her for a competitive Engineering University. She is now a freshman in Engineering at WPI, loving it.

    That could be a picture of your daughter, busting through her own boundaries.

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